Smartnet Software has a team of cloud specialists that will increase the flexibility, scalability and security of your business with tailored Azure solutions.

Looking for a flexible cloud infrastructure?



Is your business growing and your hardware becoming expensive? Does your workforce crave flexible working? Would you benefit from only paying for the compute that you use? Our in-house cloud specialists can help your business face the above challenges with tailored Azure solutions.


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At SMARTNET SOFTWARE  we have an in-house team of cloud specialists that work with businesses like yours to ensure that moving to an Azure cloud environment enables you to scale your business efficiently, pay only for what you use, and have a workforce that can be productive from anywhere.


Azure, of course, is Microsoft’s cloud platform that is designed to give businesses the ability to do more for a lesser cost. A big challenge for your business might be that your workforce crave the ability to work from anywhere but you need to keep your business data secure? With our tailored Azure solutions, you can achieve both of these outcomes. Azure provides small and medium sized business with enterprise-level security at an affordable price, it integrates with all device platforms and works perfectly alongside Office 365


Here are just some of the business requirements that an Azure solution can help you with: 


Backup & archive

Disaster Recovery

Big data and analytics


Digital Marketing

Development & testing

High-performance computing

SharePoint on Azure

Dynamics on Azure


Azure provides secure, highly available, and easily scalable cloud storage.

Azure Active Directory

Synchronise your on-premise directories and enable your workforce to use single sign-on.


Easy to use and secure serve backup in the cloud.

Virtual Machines

Spin up both Windows and Linus virtual machines in minutes. Have true scale on demand.

Site Recovery

Have the ability to orchestrate enterprise level, and recovery of your private clouds

SQL Database

SQL Database removes the compromise and helps you maximise your resource utilisation and manage thousands of databases as one

How Telereal Trillium improved business with Azure


An example of how Azure has helped streamline costs and improve business efficiencies…


Telereal Trillium is one of the UK’s leading property management and development companies. After migrating to an Azure solution they have seen a dramatic reduction in operating costs and have almost halved their IT budget.



In this video, you hear from the company’s Joint Managing Director, CIO, and Cloud Programme Manager on exactly how Azure has helped Telereal Trillium become a more efficient, successful, and flexible business


``Why Azure?`` PDF

At SMARTNET SOFTWARE we work closely with business to ensure they have a full understanding of the benefits of an Azure infrastructure before migrating. Read our 'Why Azure?' PDF to better understand how Azure could help your business.


In this PDF we share with you some of the benefits that your business would see from hosting your domain within Azure.Microsoft’s Azure Services Platform is a group of cloud technologies,each providing a specific set of services to application developers.