Enterprises require that their mission critical business applications such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle are up and running 24×7. However, enterprises today are also building business applications in the cloud, in order to increase revenue. Whatever it is, the requirements are the same: Availability, agility and flexibility are key.

Companies of all sizes are running their business web applications in the cloud to simplify infrastructure management, deploy more quickly, lower cost, and increase revenue. Run your existing business on Smartnet Software, while building the future of your business on Smartnet Software as well.

We plan the optimum deployment model, considering physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid options. We plan the change, and provide the people to carry out the actual migration. Once in place, we optimise performance and cost-benefit, and ensure compliance with governance and policy.

Complete Peace of Mind

Get all your applications hosted in the cloud with included expert support, world-class datacenter reliability, security, automatic backups, disaster recovery protection, business continuity, and software updates.

Save Money and Go Green

Moving to the Cloud with Smartnet Software reduces your network complexity and the total number of servers required at your location. The result is fewer servers to maintain and less overall energy consumption.

Data Sharing and Collaboration

Make it easier and secure to share data, communicate, and collaborate with others in real time. Move your business to the cloud to be more efficient and productive.